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Terms & Conditions

Dissertation Arena is a law-abiding business that owns rights of its services. Therefore, you must understand legal points to avoid any violation of use regarding our services. Your use of our services is restricted to the following services:

Use of Service

Our model papers are only meant to help students with research and referencing and writing. By subscribing to our services, you agree that you will never use our papers for any commercial purpose.
We act as a facilitator to assist students in tackling a dissertation and its different chapters. Our model papers are only meant to help students process information for dissertation. Therefore, we will not be hold responsible if a student uses our work as is.
The contract will be initiated after verification of an order. Once an order is verified, it will be deemed effective till completion of paper.
Clients can find further information on our FAQs. It is mandatory for all clients to read FAQs prior to using our services.

Privacy Policy

We acquire personal information to obtain some crucial information regarding your use of our services. Additionally, this information allows us to communicate with clients and share information pertaining to execution of their assignments. Here is how we use your personal information:

Information Sharing

The personal information enables us to make smooth communication with our clients. Your personal details are radical to share order-related details and make prompt changes wherever necessary. However, we guarantee that ownership of your personal information will never be violated at any stage.
However, the clients can backtrack from our subscription at any time if they have any reservations. We will then remove all their personal information from our data center.


Cookies are files that allow us to detect traffic on our site. In this way, we are able to identify a visitor, check access time and assess browsing pattern. This empowers us to tweak contents and layout of our website to enhance surfing experience of visitors.
Nonetheless, a visitor can deactivate this feature by setting cookies to “off” from their computer. However, this will make some sections of our websites inoperative for the visitor.

Refund Policy

Dissertation Arena gives top priority to satisfaction of its clients. This is why, it lays out a refund plan for its customers in case of any errors. Our refund policy is subject to certain conditions that are as follows:
If you are not 100% satisfied with your paper even after 7 revisions
If we fail to designate another academic writer for the job
If any unexpected situation occurred obstructing us from processing the order
Clients must retain in mind that insignificant delays and minor errors have no room for any warranties. Therefore, we do not entertain refund applications that lie under such cases.

Contract And Dispute Policy

The client may disagree with any part of assignment in which case the client must report the matter to Dissertation Arena for direct resolution. All complaints must be communicated in written form.
If after 14 days of complaint the company and client cannot reach to a mutual agreement, the client will be free to seek help of an arbitrator
If a client hires an arbitrator without prior notice to the company, the act will be treated as ‘violation of terms’ and shall be subject to our company’s policy.


Dissertation Arena can cancel an order under the following circumstances:
The company does not and cannot execute an order if an appropriate academic writer is not available
If we have serious reservations regarding completion of an order due to unpredicted events –
Should the clients violate any clause of ‘Terms and Conditions’, we will cancel the order right away
NOTED: We will recompense clients in cases where an order is canceled due to any negligence on our side. The company will make a refund only after ensuring if the negligence is caused by it.

Delivery Agreement

The client’s order will be delivered to his/her email address within the given deadline
We never charge any additional cost for delivery service
The company shall not be held responsible for delay due to any technical problems
In the event of late delivery, we will make refund to the client (as per our Refund Policy)

Customer Support Service

The company reserves a team of Customer Support Representatives (CSR) to send and receive information and respond service-related queries to clients
We have a 24-hour operative Customer Support Service that can be accessed through our online channels

Anti-Plagiarism Policy

Dissertation Arena processes every paper keeping in view its anti-plagiarism policy which is aimed at making a paper free from copied contents
The company also submits an anti-plagiarism report at time of delivery as a proof that a paper is 100% original and unique

Future Amendments

Dissertation Arena retains full ownership to add, substitute or modify any of the clauses mentioned in its ‘Terms and Conditions’. However, the clients shall be kept in the loop if any such amendments are endorsed.